What to Expect

  • Service time / length: Our Sunday morning worship services starts 10:15am and usually ends between 11:30-11:45am. You can expect 4-5 worship songs / hymns, a public reading of the Bible, a few obligatory announcements, and a 35-40 minute sermon. 

  • Parking: We have a couple reserved parking spots for our guests in the parking lot right off Main St. at the front of our building. There are additional parking spots behind the church, on Main St., and in the municipal parking lot on the corner of Park Ln. and Franklin St.

  • Entrances: There are three ways to enter the building for our Sunday services. The original front doors on Main St., the double glass doors at the Main St. parking lot, and a single door at the back parking lot. For you and your family's security, the back door is locked at 10:30am and the other two entrances are monitored throughout the service. 

  • Children's Ministry: For children 0-8 years old, we have children's ministry available during the service. The Check-In Center for our Children's Ministry is in the lobby. Please check your children in and you will be shown where their classes are and where the nursery is located. We also have a couple of private areas for nursing mothers. 

  • Dress: Because it is not our first concern, we hate to even say anything about dress. However, people are sometimes curious about what to wear when visiting the first time. Our answer: "we don't care that much about your clothes; we do care about your heart." So, if you were wondering, don't spend too much time thinking about it. We are just glad you are joining us to worship Jesus.

  • Covid Procedures: Per the current Dane County Health Order we are asking that those who attend wear a face mask.