Opportunities to Serve

As members of the body of Christ, we seek to minister to one another through the varied gifts which God has given us. Here are a few ways to can get involved at MBC, both on Sunday morning and throughout the week. 

  • Worship

    Our musicians serve the congregation by leading in songs that are Christ-centered and God-honoring. They know that the goal in leading the congregation in worship through singing is that God would be glorified and His people reminded of the great work He has done through Jesus. 

  • Audio/Visual

    Our AV team serves the church behind the scenes, performing tasks such as managing presentations, mixing music, recording the audio and video of the services, and any other techie issues that arise!

  • Joyful Stitchers

    The joyful stitchers meet once a month to make quilts and stitched items to send to various ministries around the Dane County area. 

  • Counseling

    Our counseling ministry seeks to help people answer two questions - in light of the circumstance of my life, what is God showing me about who He is and what is He showing about who I am? 

    If you are in need of counseling or would like to talk with someone about the counseling ministry, please reach out to Michael

  • Meals

    We have all been there, worn out and tired and overwhelmed by the thought of making a meal and having to reckon with the dishes when all is said and done. It is times like this when the kindness of another in the form of a meal requiring no prep and minimal clean-up is immensely helpful. This is a ministry for people who love sharing food (and Jesus) with others. 

  • Security

    Our security team seeks to facilitate a safe and distraction free environment on Sunday mornings and during other mid-week ministries. 

  • Greeters

    Visiting a new place is always easier when there are friendly and helpful people ready to help you find what you are looking for.